Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Wreckered, part one"

The Wrecker has yet to get a proper action figure, either in Marvel Legends or any other line. His cohorts in the Wrecking Crew, Thunderball and soon Piledriver, will get figures in the Marvel Universe scale; so there's every possibility Wrecker and Bulldozer will as well. Piledriver, who very possibly was a congenital moron, comes packed with Hawkeye; since they had a scene together in Secret Wars where Piledriver has the nerve to be surprised when Hawkeye shoots him with a simple, non-trick, pointy arrow. (Hawkeye gives him ample warning beforehand.)

Yeah, I don't like the Wrecking Crew. The closest equivalent I can think of would be DC's Royal Flush Gang: they can put up a good fight, but are far too stupid to ever win, come up with an interesting scheme, or even figure out how they're going to get beat. They're the next step in hired goons, in that they have that super-strength, and expect you to remember their names. The only time they're really interesting, and I'm stretching the definition, is when they're in service to someone else, like Dr. Doom in Secret Wars or Baron Zemo in the Masters of Evil.

Plus, in the Wrecker's old Marvel Universe entry, it points out that the Wrecker at full power could press about 40 tons (versus Thor at the high end of the scale at 100 tons) but when he shares his power with the Crew, they all go to about 10 tons, roughly around Spider-Man's level. Now, sure, there are other factors, and ten tons or none, I wouldn't want to be on the business end of a crowbar; but it always seemed like Thor, or Spidey for that matter, should mop the floor with them easy. (Old school OHOTMU fans may remember the Wrecker's crowbar is the last full entry, in the last first series issue, #15. They may also remember the Wrecker's crowbar isn't as curved as the one I have here, from the Spirit action figure...)

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Sea-of-Green said...

"Must have been thinking of Deadpool." Heh, heh, heh ...

The Wrecking Crew? Aw, geez, I always used to sigh with exasperation and role my eyes when THEY showed up.

Daniel said...

Sniff...I miss the MwaM

SallyP said...

HIlarious as usual. Yeah, the Wrecking Crew are pretty much idiots. The Flash's Rogues would make mincemeat out of them.