Monday, February 15, 2010

Playmates Star Trek bridge playset, revisited:

A while back, we did a review of Playmates Star Trek Bridge Playset. Since then, through various clearance sales, I've managed to pick up enough bridge pieces, by buying duplicate figures, to fill in all but one of the console slots.

The second wave of figures still hasn't shown up, to the best of my knowledge (it still shows as a preorder at Big Bad Toy Store) and I kinda doubt it will. Blue-shirt McCoy and gold-shirt Chekov were among the figures for that batch, but with a little effort you can do it yourself! And when I say little effort, I mean buying the figures, which you probably shouldn't pay more than a couple bucks for, then switching the heads. Easy as pie.


Fanboy Wife said...

I like your little "scene." It's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't McCoy just take a seat on the couch in the back? hehe.

I picked up a few of those guys for $3 a pop-not enough to switch heads though!

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hahaha hilarious post, as a star trek fan I love the whole article, where did you get these action figures ?