Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Three franks a job? In this economy?"

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After the end of the Prisoner bit last week, I usually try to break up the Nightcrawler/Deadpool/Falcon strips a little; but I'm behind since I'm waiting on a few figures. Then, over the weekend I found a figure I've been waiting for since, um...2006? Shocker Toys Scud figure. Hell, I didn't even look at the price on that one, just grabbed him and made for the register, since I'd never seen one at retail before. (While long awaited, apparently they just hit mass retail the last couple of weeks. Might have to consider that Maxx figure, though.)

Check out Scud's review from to get some of the history on him; and my two cents? Buy him. Now. I've been buying a lot of clearance lately, so it was a bit of a shock to pay full price for a figure, but well worth it. Of course, you should buy the collected Scud as well, so chop-chop! Put your tax refund to that right now!

Ooh, taxes. Better look into that tonight...


chiasaur11 said...

This reminds me of the time back in the mid nineties when Martin Blank was taking half the jobs around for a song.

Whole thing was a mess, really.

Although, come to think, 8162 was probably the worst year to be working the freelance assassin gig. Expert freelance peacekeeper comes out of nowhere, embarrasses all the competition, and takes every job that pays well.

To an outsider watching the market, that's gotta be a real pain for the average joe in the freelance killing field.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a bunch of Star Trek figures at Wal*Mart the other day for $3 a pop. Thought of you.

Not of buying them for you, just thought of you. I thought of buying them for me!

Sea-of-Green said...

This is gonna seem weird, but when I first saw Scud, MAD's "Spy vs. Spy" came to mind. Dunno why ...

googum said...

See, that's why the hitmen have gotta union up. Sure, the dues are a pain, and the union will almost certainly become bloated and corrupt, but it's that or let the jobs get stolen by the robots. And the Cusacks, I guess.

Are those the little ones or the bigger ones? Either way, get maybe Kirk or Spock at that price, but they really aren't great. Until you have a whole pile of them...

The pinkies out look like the old V-for-victory peace sign they did at the end of Spy vs. Spy! Man, DC Direct did figures for them maybe 10 years ago? Haven't seen them in forever.