Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Axe of Hordes, Dread Axe of Darkness, Slicey McCutyaone...

Got my Dread Axe of Darkness from Poe Ghostal and his Points of Acquisition! Then knocked this out on the fly: Bill and Conan are standing on my computer speakers there. (La-zy. Sorry, I worked overtime, and am watching Deadliest Warrior!) Last I checked, he was halfway to sold out, so hurry if you haven't already!

Just an evil looking axe: I absolutely picture it encouraging mayhem. The only downside to getting it? It inspired me to get out a lump of Super Sculpey I had for some reason, and try to carve out a sword, or ray guns, or a .44 Automag for the Warlord, or that Manhunter mask...and the only limit is my imagination my utter lack of sculpting tools and ability. Well, still kinda fun, and I do have a hankering to see I can cobble together a bootleg version of Stormbringer. Maybe next month, since I'm kind of all over the place for the next little bit.

Nice going, Poe, and thanks!

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Fanboy Wife said...

I like the evil looking axe. You should make axes with other emotions out of your polymer clay.