Friday, July 09, 2010

Lookin' good, Stan.

From Chamber of Darkness #2, "The Day of the Red Death!" Scripted by Roy Thomas, art by Don Heck, edited by Smilin' Stan Lee, and based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death." Y'know, I've read that one more than once, and I never remember if there's anything more to it than "royalty tries to hide away from the plague and party, oops, now they're dead."

In this updated version, the Red Death is more literal, a chemical weapon that seemingly grows on the very air. The few survivors include the owner of the chemical plant that produced the gas, the scientist that created the air filter for the bunker, and some other toadies and terrible people. It goes about as well for them as you'd expect from the original, with a minor twist in the end, delivered again by Stan.

That suit is sharp though. I was thinking of it, since I was thinking about mine: I never have occasion to wear it, but my 20-year class reunion is coming up, a friendly reminder from the universe that I'm old and will die soon a chance to see how everyone turned out. And drink abusively, probably...

Next week: our homemade strip is Monday! For a reason, really! See you then!


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chiasaur11 said...

No wonder they call him Smilin' Sam.

Smiling like a freaking skull.

(Of course, if Discworld Death showed up, rather a different story, one supposes.)