Thursday, August 26, 2010

Namor's pretty good at knowing his battlefield:

Since I brought it up yesterday, I somehow found a reprint copy of Sub-Mariner #8, "In the Rage of Battle!" Written by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema, inks by Dan Adkins. Delusional and convinced he had the power rather than the Helmet of Power, Paul Destine tried to fly off a building and failed spectacularly last issue. The Helmet is taken into custody, while Namor takes care of the suffocating Lady Dorma; and the authorities ask the Avengers to deliver it to the Pentagon. Instead, the Thing takes the package, and the Sub-Mariner reluctantly is forced to fight him for it.

Maybe this doesn't happen in every Sub-Mariner comic, just the ones I've read, but Namor seems particularly adept at using the terrain to his advantage. Not just the terrain, of course, but the water, and the surroundings: he seems to have an uncanny ability to find and use water pipes, electrical cables, and retaining walls to turn the tide of battle.

Still, a pretty good issue, with the trademark Roy Thomas tie-in to golden age comics; cameos from the original Human Torch, Goliath, and the Vision; and great John Buscema art.

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Anonymous said...

Namor is a dick! plain and simple. W/o the support from Bendis, he is dead in the water character.