Friday, August 20, 2010

Shot on location!

New Bastards of the Universe up at Articulated Discussion! I had initially planned on shooting all of this particular episode outside, but it was too darn hot. I'd have a helluva time replacing that Warlord figure if he melted...

Conan is mentioned, but doesn't appear this episode, because I watched Conan the Barbarian a couple times while working on it. I hadn't seen it in years; in fact, I wasn't even positive I had ever seen it all the way through. (As a kid, I hadn't been allowed to see it; so I may have had to wait for an edited TV version.) While I like the movies, they aren't 'my' Conan; the version in my head is a very Marvel Comics one. Which may or may not be closer to the Robert E. Howard version, I suppose.

Anyway, I've seen a few pictures for the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Vikor, who is the proto- or barbarian He-Man, depending on who you ask. He's very Conan. Closer to Conan than to He-Man, on the spectrum of that. Vikor comes out in February, I believe; and he may be my first MOTUC classic purchase. If I can take the day off to fight it out with the website...I would be a MOTUC 'virgin,' when it comes to ordering them, so I'll write up my experience if I do it.

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SallyP said...

The Bastards were fabulous as usual. It's nice to envision Conan baking his own bread.