Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Form Voltron! Wait, that's not right...

That page had stuck in my head, and for some reason it reminded me of the lion pilots forming Voltron...now that I look at it again, yeah, not really close. From Marvel's Star Wars #99, "Touch of the Goddess" Written by Jo Duffy, layouts by Ron Frenz, inks and finishes by Sam de la Rosa.

This was near the end of Marvel's run on the book, but was still touching on a couple of plot points from issue #79 on up: the plot macguffin of two alien statues, Lando's attempt at besmirching an old foe's name completely backfiring, and Luke and Han going up against an isolationist government and the Alliance to save Lando. It's not a bad issue, although the inks aren't as smooth as when Tom Palmer was on the book; and Han has an old friend show up (Bey, the one-eyed guy in the last panel) that of course is a bad guy, as is every previously unseen old friend that shows up in comics. (I remember there was also a problem with an issue with Bey run out of order, possibly so the double-sized issue #100 would hit right.)

I saw somewhere, someone mention that an ongoing plot point in the later Marvel Star Wars books was that Luke, Leia, and Han were doubtless rock stars after blowing up the second Death Star, and pretty easily could've put themselves in power as a new Empire; but they were too good to really notice or too nice to take advantage. It's not a bad notion, but it loses a little weight when they're always right. (Star Trek totally has the same problem: Kirk is a renegade, a maverick who routinely disobeys orders and is almost always right to do so...)

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