Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's a madhouse...a madhouse! Literally, a madhouse.

The Spokane Comicon was a couple weeks back, and I'm still reading out of a pile of books I got there. I didn't make my goal of a hundred quarter-books, no, but I did get a good start. And for some reason, I have a few issues that I think I picked up by accident: I believe I paid for this issue, Secrets of Sinister House #11 and a few seventies issues of Shazam!, in my haste to get Thor #299-300.

Ghosts or House of Mystery are better known, but DC's stable of ghost/monster/mystery books ran for years and years. You're probably more familiar with DC's Vertigo horror books, but the company has a pretty long tradition of scary stuff. Well, not EC Comics scary, but still.

"Bedlam" Written by John Jacobson from a story idea by Robert Kanigher, pencils and inks by Alex Nino; "The Monster of Death Island" Written by Maxene Fabe, pencils and inks by Ruben Yandoc [as Rubeny].

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