Monday, October 24, 2011

"Master Bruce, I must regretfully tender my resignation." "OK, Alfred. See ya."

And that's one of just a couple oddities in today's book: from World's Finest #259, "Gotham City--Ghost City?" Written by Denny O'Neil, art by Richard F. Buckler and Dick Giordano.

After Batman takes down a couple petty thugs, he turns them over to a beat-tired beat cop who laments there's no judges in Gotham to try them: hundreds, if not thousands of Gotham's citizens have left town. Batman is confused why that would be, even though he's lived in that cesspool most of his life...

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Superman has to stop a bridge from collapsing under the weight of just about everyone from Gotham moving in. When asked why, all the ex-Gothamites can say is they had an urge to move to Metropolis. An urge that now strikes Alfred. An exhausted Batman lets him go with little more than a "Take care, Alfred" before Superman arrives. After reviewing similar historical cases like the Roanoke Colony, Bats gets a call from Commissioner Gordon, who's received a ransom note claiming responsibility from 'Winks' Cravane, a petty con man. While Superman saves the Gotham refugees, Batman tracks down Winks, who runs all the way back to his apartment.

Winks was trying to cash in on the crisis, but he gives Batman an important clue: he got the idea when he couldn't sleep, and Bats realizes he, the cop, and Winks all hadn't slept recently (and presumably Gordon as well) while Gotham's citizens were compelled to move in their sleep. Researching the patterns of who moved earliest, Batman establishes an epicenter of the event, and Superman finds a mysterious meteorite buried deep under the surface. The meteorite has a faded alien writing on it, leading Superman to believe it was part of an ancient experiment. In Metropolis, the Gothamites have mostly gathered in one spot, and Superman finds another meteorite; this one attracting the refugees. Supes throws both meteorites into space, then takes the Gothamites home on a giant platform; while Bats takes a nap.

On the cover of this issue, faced with the hordes of Gotham refugees/invaders, one citizen proclaims "Out of the way heroes! Even you can't stop eight million people!" This would've been more fun if Supes and Bats had just looked at each other and said "Sounds like a bet!" and started punching people. (Batman, after punching an entire family of four: "You'll go back to that crime-infested hellhole and you'll like it!...ah, I made myself sad.") And of course, the Onion had a similar story about New York City, although that likewise expresses little surprise that people would finally realize they'd be happier somewhere else. Anywhere else.

More from this issue tomorrow!

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SallyP said...

Boy, Metropolis has really strict anti-blight laws!