Saturday, October 08, 2011

Three things:

Yesterday was the first day all week that wasn't raining in the morning, so I walked to work. On my way home, in the parking lot, I came across a frankly huge catapillar. Not wanting it to get squashed, I slid it onto a piece of paper and placed it back on the grass. My first three thoughts:

1. You're welcome, Mothra. (That thing was huge and bulbous, and it really did look like it should be skittering about a model of Tokyo shooting webbing at Godzilla.)

2. Hey, I probably just passed my Voight-Kampff test! Not that I was worried about being a replicant; I was more worried about being a shoddily-made replicant. I swear, I can only pass for human at a distance.

3. Some time later, it occurred to me that I put the catapillar back the direction it had come from. If it was heading somewhere, I may have set it back days...

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Susan said...

I did something like that back in college. A tiny bird was sitting right in front of the door to one of the buildings, either unable or unwilling to move, so I slipped my folder underneath him and moved him to a safe spot on the nearby grass. My reward? He pooped on my folder.