Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OK, it wasn't this bad.

Last week, the Colbert Report mentioned that recent polls showed a lot of Americans felt 2011 was the worst year, ever. I don't know that I'd agree, although there was some rough stuff for me personally this year. And then Saturday, on my way to mail Christmas presents, I was in an accident and my car was probably totaled. (Haven't heard back from my insurance yet, but most likely.) I'm fine, the driver and passengers in the other truck are too, but it was a brief but somewhat spectacular crash: my airbag didn't go off, but the truck's tire ended up in somebody's yard.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a new, used car if mine is done for. I'll miss it, though. But, this is a blog about comics and not my feelings or any of that business; so the first book I thought of, once I had calmed down enough I could think of comics again...wasn't this one, but the first one I found: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30, "Sky Highway" Written and drawn by Rick Veitch.

It's a fun, weird one-shot: the Turtles and their pal Casey Jones go for a drive to the woods to eat some fast-food (one points out, they have to go out of their way for privacy) but they encounter the Mutato-Heads, bizarre motorheads from a 'cloverleaf dimension,' nothing but highways and cars and speed. Glorious speed. Wanting a car to party in, the Mutatos steal Casey's '57 Bel-Air, with Raphael on the roof. His brothers and Casey give chase in the Mutatos' abandoned cars; mayhem ensues.

It reads as a love-letter to CARtoons Magazine. I'm not overly familiar with the TMNT's black-and-white days, but this issue is exquisitely weird and entertaining. Just remember: seat belts don't just save lives, I'm pretty sure I'd be eating dinner through a straw if I hadn't been wearing mine...

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