Tuesday, March 06, 2012

'Kaiju Hellboy' is a bit dismissive, but...

From Giantkiller #4, story and art by Dan Brereton. And it's really a fun series: in California, 1999, Mount Diablo erupts and then just as suddenly stops. That's not the weirdest part: the area becomes swamped with poison gas, electrical disturbances...and giant monsters, straight-up Kaiju.

Using hybrid technology and human and monsters DNA, Dr. Steven Azuma creates Jack, the Giantkiller, and raises him as an American, with a samurai code. Jack quickly takes to killing the monsters, but is he killing his own kind? Will Jack turn on humanity? What caused the monsters' arrival? And, Jack wonders, if he's the only one who can go into the monsters' poisonous environment, who named them for the field guide?

The field guide, Giantkiller A to Z: A Field Guide to Big Monsters, is a great addendum to the main series. In fact, not all the monsters even get to appear in the book! It's a fun read, and might be easier to find as singles than in trade; but man, I wish Jack would've gotten an action figure. Giantkiller, Robot 13, Badger, Ghost, Atomic Robo...that would be my "B.P.R.D. of Extraordinary Gentlemen."


Thefanboyseo said...

I am now thoroughly interested in this title. The field guide also looks interesting.

Arion said...

Dan Brereton is a great artist, but I have never read anything written by him.

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