Friday, March 02, 2012

The Silver Surfer is having trouble brooding without his board...

Silver Surfer #42, "A Second Chance" Written by Jim Starlin and Ron Marz, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Tom Christopher and Christopher Ivy. Still trapped in Dynamo City, the Silver Surfer is at a loss for what to do next; and old-timer Zeaklar tells him "the same thing everybody else does: you keep right on trying and failing and trying again." That cheerful pep talk is followed by explosions, as all good pep talks should be: the city's security robots are on the losing end of a battle with Drax the Destroyer. Finding proof Thanos was still alive, he got the Surfer's whereabouts from one of the city's robots and came to get him. The Surfer jumps at the chance to get out of there, and Drax takes off...without him! (As mentioned, Drax was pretty severely brain-damaged at that point.)

The incident does snap the Surfer out of his self-pity: the universe could be in danger, and he can't waste his time there. He resolves to explain himself to the city's ruler, the Great I...except he can't get in to see him. Back to self-pity, then. Zeaklar also points out that like himself, the Surfer already has three strikes, and the city law gets tough on the fourth offense: termination. The Surfer figures he has to get out on his next try, then.

A passersby makes a suggestion: energy-casters are hired to make light-shows over the city once a week, cheap entertainment for the masses. The Surfer would be perfect for that, either to earn credits and buy his way out, or use the power against the government, or to merely escape. He invites Zeaklar to come with him, to help with the negotiations.

Reviewing the contract, Zeaklar realizes they would be charged for the power, and would end up owing the suits money. Unfazed, the Surfer tells him to take the deal: he's going to get out, or die trying. Even that plan hits a snag: a power damper prevents the Surfer from pulling enough juice to escape. But maybe he could get to the Great I...

During his light-show, the Surfer's cosmic senses come back. Sensing no evil from the Great I, he makes a break for him, using all the power he was able to absorb. Finally before Dynamo City's ruler, the Surfer makes an empassioned speech, imploring the I to stop the bureaucratic evil done in his name...before realizing the I can't hear him. An upper-crust suit (another robot? Was the whole city robots enslaving aliens?) explains the Great I is senseless, but an immense data processor; and that the Surfer is in a lot of trouble.

As the Surfer is beaten and dragged off by security, Zeaklar realizes his friend is doomed...when it seems he has an idea. He rushes forward and kicks one of the security robots, and is promptly one-punched unconscious. The two are dragged away, to Termination Friday, the conclusion of "Dynamo City!"

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