Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Nokking to fear."

I had no intention of buying the DCUC Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, except I got her for under seven bucks. The Youngest lost her lantern, though--it took me like two weeks to find it. (OK, I'll admit it wasn't two weeks of intensive searching.) We aren't done with this power ring tomfoolery yet, though; as we'll see next week.

This strip actually was re-written a couple of times, though--for one, I didn't think Wonder Woman would use the term 'shenanigans.' That, and I was going to use Superman instead of Batman; but I don't have a Supes with a power ring. I do think the JLA probably has a big chart of who has to deal with certain problems, though: underwater stuff, Aquaman, duh. Birds? Hawkman. Fatcat corporate bigshots? Green Arrow.


Dale Bagwell said...

Oh man if they actually made more Lantern-flavored Leaguers like Hawkman and Green Arrow, that would've been a trip too. Nice transitioning and reasoning for making Bats and WW Lanterns. At least it makes more sense than the comics.

I have to wait until next week to see how this thing goes? You suck man! Ha, have a good one.

SallyP said...

This one just cracked me up. Hal is always good as the comic relief.