Thursday, September 06, 2012

80-Page Thursday: Justice League Quarterly #11!

Recently, I found another JLQ issue I hadn't read before: Justice League Quarterly #11, with stories by William Messner-Loebs, Michael Jan Friedman, and Pat McGreal and Dave Rawson; and art by Mike Wieringo, Lee Moder, Dave Cockrum, and Mike Mayhew.

In the lead story, a Middle-Eastern emir enlists the female Leaguers--Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Crimson Fox, Dr. Light, and Ice--to serve as bodyguards to his wife after a superpowered assassination attempt. There's more to it, but the emir is such a sexist bastard it's continually surprising that even Wonder Woman has any patience with him. The ladies get to know each other with a slumber party--it's pretty tame, so don't get your hopes up, pervs--and although the curveballs in the plot feel like they come out of nowhere; Wieringo's art looks like early Adam Hughes here. (Looking it up, this issue was from 1993, possibly just before or around the time Wieringo took over Flash.)

The rest of the issue is a Martian Manhunter story, where a reporter friend of J'onn's exploits racial tension for ratings; and the first part of a Praxis story. It looks so 90's, but who knows if I'll ever get to finish it: JLQ #13 has the third Praxis chapter, but also has a Joseph Michael Linsner cover, and I've only seen it as fairly expensive.


SallyP said...

I loved the Slumber Party!

Man, I miss Justice League Quarterly.

Moonrock said...

Actually, I think those panels you posted were drawn by Lee Moder, who's stuff at the time was very Adam Hughes-ish.