Friday, September 28, 2012

That...that doesn't seem OK...

I'm thinking Man Bear might've preferred the stun arrow to the...expanding clamp one. Not OK, Green Arrow. From World's Finest Comics #245, "The Man Bear Stalks at Midnight" Written by Gerry Conway, pencils by Mike Nasser and Terry Austin.

Little under the weather this week, I'm afraid, and I was hoping to see Dredd 3D in theaters and pick up Avengers on Blu-Ray, so we'll see if I get either of those done.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Oh nice, GA's revenge from that earlier "loving session":)

I swear, the fact that you don't see where that arrow goes is so suggestive:)

Anymore pics, because it seems like thing keep escalating, so much worse does it get?:)

Sorry to hear you're not feeling good man; that sucks. Yeah go see Dredd when you're feeling up to it.