Monday, October 01, 2012

Hack your own brain!

Today's post serves as a double reminder: I still need to find a copy of Livewires #2; and Adam Warren's Livewires was really, really good. The scans today are from #5, "Gonna Get My Brute Force On" Story and layouts by Warren, pencils by Rick Mays and Warren, inks by Jason Martin and Norm Rapmund.

The Livewire team is a rather charming and personable bunch, for a bunch of "semi-autonomous, artificially intelligent, limited-nanofunction, humanform mecha constructs." As one points out in the first issue, "'Robot' is my team's 'R-word,' if y'follow me." They're a rogue top-secret project, who's prime directive is to destroy other top-secret projects. Hopefully before said projects go all crazy-rampagey, although it doesn't always work that way.

The implication is that the "quasi-governmental" and corporate powers that would invest in such projects, are probably the last people that should have their hands on them; and a lot of them are just too dangerous to mess with either way. The series is surprisingly firmly set in the Marvel Universe, too; so some of the robotic projects involved use tech from the original Human Torch, the Sentinels, A.I.M., and a couple of S.H.I.E.L.D. ones that will be familiar but are used in a completely unique way.
Livewires ends on a bit of a down note, made even worse since I think they have a cameo in Iron Man: Hypervelocity--also by Adam Warren, and also well worth reading--but haven't been seen much since. A shame, but maybe someone will give them another shot sometime.


Dale Bagwell said...

I guess I can wikipedia it, but I'm guessing they all die in the end. Maybe one doesn't? Or are they rebuilt w/o remembering their previous missions, and strictly used as unaware weapons of mass destruction?

googum said...

Spoiler: Stem Cell, the rookie Livewire, does hack her programming to man up and save the day...but she seems to lose a lot of her innocence. Or naivety, depending on how you look at it!