Thursday, October 18, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Dark Horse Presents #10!

Another Thursday, another Dark Horse Presents 80-pager: Dark Horse Presents #10, featuring stories by Brian Wood, Steve Niles, Rich Johnston, and more; and art by Christopher Mitten, Kristian Donaldson, Mark Wheatley, and more.
Strictly graded, this issue wouldn't have passed. I only enjoyed six of the ten features this ish...which is actually pretty good for an anthology book, yeah. McNeil's Finder was especially good this installment, Criminal Macabre was off to a good start, Tarzan and Skulltar weren't bad, and I liked the Andrew Vachss short with Geof Darrow illustrations. Of course, I probably would've paid $7.99 alone for new Evan Dorkin Milk & Cheese. So, not a bad issue, just not the best one. Or the best one to blog about, apparently.

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