Friday, October 12, 2012

Build a working, non-working Bat-Signal!

Since we've been running a bit toy-heavy this week anyway, we'll wrap up with a quick glance at the Movie Masters Bat-Signal! Which isn't actually done yet. I picked up "GCPD Blake" the other day for a mere $8.99; which almost makes me want to find another one and swap the head with one of the spares I have floating around, and expand the force a bit. Not a bad figure, could use a gun or a more gun-ready hand.

I have yet to see a R'as Al Ghul/Liam Neeson figure yet, so my Bat-Signal lacks innards. It doesn't light up yet, but the lighting and the lens make it look on. Weird. The background piece today is from the Young Justice Speedy Red Arrow set, and may actually be the reason that figure was purchased.

That's it for this week, so have a good weekend!


Dale Bagwell said...

You know from a far, that Blake figure looks kind of like a young Bruce Wayne. Huh. Hey there you go, new skit idea, free of charge:)

Good luck finding that Ra's figure. I haven't seen Blake yet myself, since I'm already in the hole for needing parts for the bat-signal, I think I'll let it go for now.

And I love it when your blog-thingy's toy heavy! Uh, yeah, that didn't sound inappropriate at all.....:) Talk to ya' soon dude.

SallyP said...

A Bat Signal is a good thing to have.