Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Still not scanning Cobalt Blue, but oh well.

Well, yesterday's "Strange Adventures" post was supposed to be today, but I lucked out and found a book I was thinking of after last week's Impulse post: Speed Force #1, "Burning Secrets" Written by Mark Waid, pencils by Jim Aparo, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz.

The lead story is Wally narrating a flashback to his Kid Flash days, as he and Barry are having a hard time with the previously unseen Cobalt Blue. Armed with a mysterious flaming sword, Blue is somehow stealing their speed; worse, he knows who they are and their origin. As Blue monologues, Barry makes an educated guess: Blue's sword/flame can't steal their power, unless they use it. At which point, Blue fills a spare Flash costume with the flame, which chases the heroes around Central City.

As their speed is drained, Barry seems to realize something: he touches Wally, and they both regain control. Cobalt Blue is (seemingly) consumed by his own flame, and everything seems fine...except Barry is a bit freaked out. Barry never really knew what the Speed Force was (since it was a later addition to the Flash mythos, discovered by Wally) but realized there might be more to their speed than "electrified chemicals." He wonders if they're even human, and Wally, well:
Wally has no doubt in his mind.

Pretty solid, even though I'll call it a cheat for the new villain to know the hero's secret identity as a quick way to establish the villain's bad-assedness. OK, not even close to a word there, but you know what I mean. Hush and Conduit knew the hero's ID too, and look how great they turned out.

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Dale Bagwell said...

You know, as much as I've grown to appreciate Jim Aparo's artwork over the years, I'm just not digging the Sienkiewicz ink-job. I mean, I guess it kinda' makes Aparo's art more grown-up/adult looking in some spots, but on the whole, no, me no likie.

And Cobalt Blue.....Sigh, well not all ideas are stinkers, but this one never really caught on, even with Waid behind the character.

And yes, Conduit sucked too. Thanks god they won't be bringing him back too soon in the reboot, or will they?:(