Monday, October 15, 2012

Rita may be higher than she thinks. Higher up, I mean. Maybe.

If you've enjoyed our Doom Patrol nonsense with Elasti-Girl, don't forget today's the day to get your own figure from! (And not, ahem, eBay...) Ants not included, but the boxed version comes with a mini Elasti-Girl figure!

There's also Poison Ivy, and I would not be surprised if she went quickly; and the New 52 Superman, Batman, Red Robin and Superboy-Prime figures as well. Good luck!


Dale Bagwell said...

Nice idea with the bugs. where are they from? At first I thought, "Oh shit, Goo's still got that Creepy Crawler oven and playset", but no. Still, neat effect.

googum said...

Ah, the ants are from the old, pre-Legends, Toy Biz Avengers set! (Still a good set for the little Wasp and Ant-Man!)

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice. What a way to still get some mileage/use out of those old things then:)