Thursday, October 04, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Dark Horse Presents #5!

There's a variant cover for this issue, but you want the Eric Powell one for Dark Horse Presents #5, featuring stories and art from Powell, Howard Chaykin, Carla Speed McNeil, Neal Adams, and more. Lot of writer/artists this issue, yeah.

Powell begins with "Isolation." When scientists discover earth will no longer be able to support human life in 400 years, a newly-created sentient robot is sent on a hundred-and-fifty year space voyage to see if planet "Doppleganger" could be colonized. As the doors close on his ship, the robot muses no one ever asked him if he wanted to go...The cover really gives you the general idea of this one, and it reminds me of old 2000 AD/"Future Shock" stories: in comics, if your space mission is going to take longer than a century, generally it is not going to end well.

The chapters of "Finder," "Skeleton Key," "Resident Alien," "Criminal Macabre," and "Marked Men" are all rock-solid. In fact, I liked this chapter of "Marked Men" more than the conclusion, which I can't remember if we've gotten to here yet. So, I liked six features out of ten this issue, which is more than good for an anthology book. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm pretty sure I paid, at most, $1.99 for this issue; but still, recommended.

New homemade strip tomorrow!

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