Thursday, February 28, 2013

80-Page Thursday: Justice League Quarterly #12!

We may be coming up on the end of 80-Page Thursdays, I'm afraid. Partially because I'm just about out...and moreover, I'm pretty much out of the good ones. Even allowing for recent pickups, I mean. From 1993, Justice League Quarterly #12, featuring stories from Mark Waid, Kim Fryer, and Michael Jan Friedman; and art from Dan Rodriguez, Mike Wieringo, and Mike Mayhew. (I know, you see Waid and Wieringo and think it'll be great, but they aren't together on this one!)

JLQ had been trying and trying to make the corporate mercenary JLA-alternative the Conglomerate happen since its first issue. This may have been the book's last go at it, and could Mark Waid make a silk purse out of that sow's ear? Oh, no...nooooo. But, he had to work with Templar, Reverb (Vibe's brother, not dead up to the reboot!) and Nuklon; so you can't really hold that against him. Jesse Quick's there too, a character I've always sort've liked even though she never broke big. Waid even threw in the 90's revamped Amazo, another valiant attempt that would not stick at all.

There's early Mike Wieringo art for "On the Road," a slight team-up with Ice and the heroic Dr. Light on vacation; then another chapter of that Praxis serial that I still haven't finished.

This isn't the last 80-Page Thursday yet...but I feel like I'm going to be scrambling next week.


CalvinPitt said...

Is there a reason nobody wants to spend time with Tora? Like they're afraid Guy will go nuclear about it? Is she really boring? Or are Wally and Rex just big jerks?

googum said...

She wants to go on vacation in the desert, and take pictures of roadrunners and gophers and yeah, kinda boring. Tora just assumes Guy would be "too busy."

SallyP said...

Oh Tora. I miss having stories about Tora SO much.