Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Warlock's Brando impression needs work:

We mentioned Adam Warlock's field trip to the Ultraverse a while back, so today we've got Ultraverse Unlimited #1, "Kindred" Written by Len Kaminski, pencils by Gabriel Gecko and Andrew Wildman, inks by Stephen Baskerville.

Warlock (who is rocking some crazy braids with skull barrettes) came to the Ultraverse after Rune, who stole the Infinity Gems. He may not have realized the Silver Surfer beat the Gems off of Rune; but he runs afoul of the Rune-influenced Gemini before having a flashback. Gemini was two brothers sharing a body: the Warlock-like Noel, and the Rune-like Erik.
Rune beat Warlock, who went into his traditional cocoon upon his "death." Although he briefly confuses Erik for Rune, Warlock "exorcises" Erik from Noel's body, seemingly taking away his power. After Warlock returns to the 616 Marvel Universe proper, Noel admits his power is still there, he just thought it made Adam feel better to think he was "cured." And Erik also returns in a new body, free to feed...although I'm pretty sure this was the last time we'll see them. I hadn't intended to use so many quotes the last paragraph, but this issue isn't what could be called "good."

Still, it gets the toys back where they belong. I'm not sure other Marvel ex-pats like Reaper or Sienna Blaze ever did make it back; although who'd know if they did? Oh, and the title reference? After the break!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Damn good movie!

Although it didn't make sense to me to build up Brando's character as this ruthless badass killer, only to have Sheen kill him pretty easily in the end. It's like all Sheen's character had to do was go nuts a little bit, maybe do some dope or LSD, and he was all set.

Then you have to consider that although Brando went rogue, technically it was the US Gov that were the bad guys in this one, not Brando so much. He just knew too much, and thus had to be taken out.

Brando did have a good bit of memorable lines/quotes though in his career huh?