Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My cup doesn't have a Batman logo, but is the size of a small bucket...

Longtime readers may know I'm a coffee drinker. Not so much a connoisseur, since I will drink just about whatever coffee convenient, either black or with tabasco or whatever's handy. And I have to drink a pot a day, or my head will implode. Which it did Monday, when my coffee pot at work burned out and I couldn't have a cup all morning. First I was sluggish and crabby, then it was like a hangover, then like...some unpleasant third thing that I can't think of since my skull hurts. Think "Scanners."

Since I drink a pot over the course of my shift, I tend to go through coffee makers the way other people go through shoes. Usually, the burner gives out, since apparently they aren't designed to be on for six hours a stretch. Bastards! It always strikes me as wasteful, throwing out a coffee maker, since if I had a soldering iron, some rudimentary electrical knowledge, and a wanton disregard for fire safety, I could probably get it going again. So, now I'm going to try something new: my sister gave me a carafe-thing a Christmas or two ago, and what I'll do is make the coffee and pour it in that. And then maybe have to race to chug it down before it gets cold. A friend at work got me a Green Lantern coffee cup that's surprisingly large, and makes for quicker drinking; but thus has a tendency to get too cool if left be: I had a cup the other day that somewhat implausibly bucked the laws of thermodynamics and was far colder than room temperature.

Panels from 1990's Excalibur #29, "Dream a Little Dream" Written by Michael Higgins (with a plot assist from Seth Kruchkow) pencils by Chris Wozniak, inks by Josef Rubinstein. It's a crossover with Power Pack, except their encounter with Nightmare is written off as just a dream. Still, more interesting than reading about my coffee drinking habits...hey!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Poor Goo:( You seriously go through that many coffee-makers? Dude you could probably own stock in one of those coffee-maker companies then considering that number then.

Perhaps we can all start a "Coffee-Maker for Goo" campaign on the internet, so random strangers can send you a free coffee maker;)

Oh, and what's this about you drinking coffee with Tabasco? Dude I love, LOVE hot sauce, and I put that shit on just about everything, but just....wow!