Thursday, May 09, 2013

80-Page Thursday: Countdown Special: OMAC #1!

I was a big fan of the all-too-brief New 52 O.M.A.C.. I always thought it needed a metal opening theme, possibly with legions chanting his name; possibly kinda like the opening to Metalocalypse.

But today, we have classic OMAC! From 2008, Countdown Special: OMAC #1, with stories and art by Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, and Len Wein, George Perez, and Pablo Marcos.

That's a great lineup, although I had kinda been hoping this was just going to be Jack Kirby issues, since those were the ones I don't have! I already had two of the Jim Starlin ones, that were intended for use in Kamandi but instead burned off as back-ups in Warlord. (I do wonder how they were received there, but I suspect Starlin may have moved on regardless.) And DC Comics Presents #61 with Superman I have reprinted, in Best of DC #50 digest. (Which is pretty good!) Hell, I probably have the original floating around somewhere too, now that I think about it.

I didn't notice before, but both the original OMAC and the new 52 version only lasted eight issues each. And what did OMAC have to do with Countdown again? Something about the Great Disaster? Well, we're lucky in that these issues read just fine without getting back into that debacle.

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