Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"The Right Way to Move..."

I'm sure about now I'm wishing I could take Batman's example and throw money at moving...moving stuff out of my old apartment has been like unpacking a clown car. It just keeps going...

I had been hoping to have a little fun, finding stuff I'd lost or forgotten, but not so much. For example, I did find a Marvel Legends Dr. Doom mask that had been lost, but where did I put that Doom? Or the mask, now? I was also hoping to set aside junk for trades or eBay, and I'm of course nowhere near that organized. Still, approaching the home stretch.


SallyP said...

Moving WOULD be a whole lot simpler with the super friends.

And this makes perfect sense as to how the JLI was formed.

Dale Bagwell said...

wouldn't it though? and yes I agree, bruce's superpower is sooooo being super-rich.......and scowling;)