Thursday, December 19, 2013

A random Infinty War tie-in? A Moon Knight quarterbook? A jam issue? It's all three!

This one wasn't even on my radar at the time: from 1992, Marc Spector: Moon Knight #42, "Multiverse Madness!" Written by Terry Kavanagh, pencils by Gary Kwapisz, James Fry III, Norm Breyfogle, Kelley Jones, Klaus Janson; and inks by Tom Palmer, Klaus Janson, Kelley Jones, John Beatty, and Ty Templeton.

This issue continues what I loved about the Infinity War crossovers: each one made the book's headliner seem like a pivotal figure in the event, even if they only appeared in passing in the main book! In the previous issue of MS:MK, as the heroes fought the Magus's duplicates of themselves at Four Freedoms Plaza, Moon Knight's duplicate Moon Shade tried to steal the psychic power from Franklin Richards and his doppelganger. In a happy accident for him, Moon Shade inadvertently absorbs the Moon Knights of the multiverse into himself, gaining vast powers! Now, he just has to top his tank with a few remaining alternate versions of Moon Knight, and our universe's as well!

The assorted artists for this issue deliver vampire Moonfang, the Batman-styled Darkmoon, the zealot Crescent Moon; and more! Spirit and Space Ghost versions, a "Dino-Knight," even a Mermaid Moon Knight! A little surprised there wasn't a funny animal one, but there may not have been time. In the end, after defeating Moon Shade, Moon Knight wonders if he's the only one of him left in the omniverse...and he's not doing so well himself. (Don't be silly, Marc! An infinite number of Moon Shades couldn't destroy several infinities worth of alternate universes, anymore more than the Monitor could dial the DC multiverse back to just a couple!) A surprisingly enjoyable little lark, this one.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Damn! Now I gotta' find this one, since I'm a sucker for alternate versions of well-known characters, so this one's a pleasent surprise.