Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Ugh, I am putting less effort into my backgrounds lately than Rob Liefeld...Couldn't find the gravestone from a Buffy set that I usually use.

Long-time Dr. Strange villains Dormammu, Nightmare, and Shuma-Gorath have yet to get the Marvel Legends (or Select) treatment; so today Mephisto's hanging out with DCUC's C&C Trigon and the Dark Alliance Lucifer. Lucifer's still a heck of a toy, though.


Dale Bagwell said...

Another hit man! Lovin' this series.
I think you;re allowed to scimp out on the vbackgorund details every now and then. God knows Byrne and as you mentioned, Liefield, do it all the time. Just please god don't crop the feet like Liefield does.

"I don't wanna' lose my secrurity deposit" Ha ha!

Btw, and this may have already been addressed, did you ever finish up the Doom Idol series? I think maybe so since you have Elasti-Girl now, but damn, so much more figures and material to go with really.

Have a good one:)

SallyP said...

This is so incredibly brilliant. You have my on the edge of my seat.