Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"The Inferior Spider-Man."

I haven't read any Superior Spider-Man comics, or appearances except a couple of Hickman's Avengers ones. There's a reason in there somewhere, for the Avengers not realizing Doc Ock is living in Spidey's body--it seems like the sort of thing that would be easy to spot. ("Geez, Spidey, didn't you used to be funny?" Any Avenger on the team.)

Still, Superior Spidey is quite a figure: great articulation, interchangeable hands, pretty cheap! Good luck finding the Black Cat, though, and Carnage could be a tough one as well. But, I did luck out and find the AIM Soldier and the HYDRA Agent! Have to dig out my other, old HYDRA guys...and that leaves me with half a Build-a-Figure Mandroid! Being two arms and a bitty little head, but it is a start.


SallyP said...

You know...this is funny and all...but it also makes perfect sense!

Dale Bagwell said...

Right? And that's definitely not the first time that's been brought up like that. Plus I recently found out Doc Ock(in peter's body) has a midget girlfriend to boot. Fuck this just got cray!

Lucky bastard, I want that Superior Spider-Man now.