Wednesday, January 08, 2014

"Attention grab, or Deadator."

Nightcrawler's referring to the Badoon, and the X-Men and Fantastic Four fought them back in X-Men Annual #5 back in 1981. Well, mostly the Invisible Girl fought them, actually. I think the rest of the FF was captured, along with smelly extra-dimensional barbarian Arkon; and a good chunk of that issue was Wolverine and Nightcrawler debating the pros and cons of killing a bunch of alien assholes.

A lot of times when they showed up, the Badoon used an invisibility screen, and a big robot monster called "the Monster of Badoon." Perhaps not an overly imaginative lot...The Badoon are pretty awful, less charming than even the Skrulls, and I do believe they were the bad guys in an old Lee/Buscema Silver Surfer and a good chunk of the old Guardians of the Galaxy stories. Of course, the gun used in X-Men Annual #5 to see them didn't look a thing like Shockwave there, but you make do.


Barbecue17 said...

OK, I'm not familiar with Satana; what line is that figure from? Or is it a custom?

googum said...

She's "Judith Chambers" from the Thunderbolts Marvel Legends box set! (Even as an exclusive, Hasbro probably thought better of putting "Satana" on the box...) I already had Crossbones, so I eBay'd her and didn't spring for the full set, but she's pretty good!

Dale Bagwell said...

Hell yeah! Love to see more Kurt and 'Pool stuff like this, especially w/Satana. It's like three's company, w/o the dumb blonde. I guess that's 'Pool's role then?

Plus the Predator being surprised was classic.

Great stuff Goo.

SallyP said...

Hey, I've got that Badoon story! It was a hoot. As is this.

A hoot and a half.