Friday, May 16, 2014

In a blind. Er, bind.

Who's got two thumbs and isn't especially handy? This guy.

Who's got no thumbs and likes to eat window blinds?

And who's got two thumbs and has to go to Home Depot for new blinds this weekend? Yeah, back to me. That's coming out of your allowance, mister!

Funny thing about that stupid dog: he is terrified of the power going off. Not just the lights and everything, although it may bother him that he can't hear the refrigerator running; and the power backup block for my computer always makes a noise that scares him to death. Seriously, he's jumped in my lap over it before, and he's a good hundred pounds or more of dog, I think. Anyway, the other day the apartment complex had to do some maintenance involving the power, and when I came home the blinds were toast.

Sam is a bit of a handful. He's a nice enough dog, but greets people and strange animals in the same terrifying, lunging fashion. He's horrible to take running since he can come to a dead stop to pee on something, and will, every twenty feet or so. Even when completely out of urine, to the point that his eyes are starting to look a little dry. His hair has crossed the point from being on everything I currently own, to where it will be on everything I'll ever own. (Unless I divulged myself of all possessions, stripped naked, and walked into the ocean right now, and even then there would probably still be some on me.) He howls, has bit me on more than one occasion, and hogs the bed. Lately, he's also done that weird dog thing where they get their faces in the cat's litter box. What's that about?

But all of that, and I'm still not ready to send the ungrateful sod to, um, live on a farm upstate, just yet.


SallyP said...

That is the most incredible doggie grin that I have ever seen.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm sure you have a good number of years left with that troublemaker man, but I hear ya'.
You'll be finding his hair EVERYWHERE for many, many years after he's retired to that dog farm.

My first dog seemed to love the taste of cat turds as well, especially the ones really covered in kitty litter. I guess 'cause it stayed crunchy in milk, Idk. But he wouldn't eat anyone's or any other animals poop, just cat turds. I guess he was a connoisseur?

I'll give you a ring sunday if you're around. Been awhile since we touched base.

I bought the new DC Signature Talon and Riddler figures. Very sweet! May have to grab that Batman, but for sure the Winter Soldier figure.

Have a good one

Susan said...

I remember my stepsister's dog getting into my cat's litter box, then running around the house with a cat turd hanging out of its mouth like a cigar. :P