Thursday, May 22, 2014

More charm and wit in three panels than either of their last series, combined.

I was going to take a couple days off to get something ready, but I ran into a copy of Worlds Collide #1 at the dollar store while getting batteries. I have the deluxe edition somewhere, it came with vinyl clings like Colorforms. Gimmicky, but neat. (Written by Robert Washington III, Dwayne McDuffie, and Ivan Velez Jr, with art by John Paul Leon, ChrisCross, M.D. Bright, Chris Batista, Tom Grummett, and Denys Cowan.)

This was the crossover between the late lamented Milestone universe and the Superman books, and while it's definitely a 90's book, it is in a different way than most 90's comics: instead of being drawn by a Lee or Liefeld clone and featuring eight splash pages, people talk and dress and have hair like the 90's. (And only six full-on splash pages, but mostly for good reason in a double-sized issue!) I miss the old Milestone books so much right now...

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