Monday, November 03, 2014

Behind schedule and facing too much overtime this week, so we'll just take a quick look at a recent quarterbook: from 1972, "Two Into One Won't Go!" Written by Steve Englehart, art by Sal Buscema, inks by Frank McLaughlin. The battle on the cover, between Captain America and his replacement from the 1950's at the Torch of Friendship monument in Miami, does occur; except the Falcon is never confused over which Cap is which: the replacement Cap's uniform and shield both fall apart, not unlike the replacement Cap.

The ill-fated Jack Monroe appears as Bucky here, with an unfortunate streak of racism against the Falcon. I don't know if that was ever addressed again, and as Nomad Jack was Cap's sidekick when I first started reading Captain America regularly. For his part, the Falcon does a great job of backing up Cap, with Sharon Carter.

Still, I'm most thrilled about finding this issue as a bit of comparison to the classic What If? #44--one of my favorite comics ever--which also featured the replacement Cap and Bucky, and Sal Buscema art!

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