Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TV has pilots, comics have random events referencing defunct brands...

If not for Wikipedia, I don't know if I'd have realized this issue was related to Madame Xanadu: from 2012, National Comics: Madame X #1, written by Rob Williams, art by Trevor Hairsine.

This issue was one of four issues published by DC in their New 52 but referencing (per CBR) National Comics, which was DC's name before they became DC. The other three featured Looker, Kid Eternity, and Rose & Thorn; but Madame X's one-shot reads very much like a pilot, and not a bad one. The titular "Madame X," Nima, used that name as a Tarot reading star magician, predicting the future for fun and profit until she was sued by a billionaire for predicting his house would be robbed. Although she's starting to bounce back now, working for a New Orleans law firm; the question remains as to how much she believes in her own abilities. (Another question was, why did the law firm hire her, but that was brought up and left for another time that probably won't ever come.)

The case she works here could be from Law & Order or a similar show, if not for the zombies and the voodoo. But that's a little Scooby-Doo, though. Still, cast right, this could've been stronger than the Constantine pilot...actually, I really like the hook that while Madame X is magic, and wants to believe there's others like her; most if not all of her cases would be frauds, hoaxsters, and charlatans.

Note to myself: keep an eye out for that Rose and the Thorn one-shot.

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