Friday, January 30, 2015

That's known as "burying the lede," Canary.

We mentioned this one yesterday, but here goes: making an exhibition at a track meet in Star City, Black Canary saves a pole vaulter from a sabotaged pole, but the spotter who cut said pole is killed by an arrow to the back. An arrow with multicolored fletching, that emitted a bright flash of color when it hit. Canary asks Green Arrow who could've made a shot like that, and Ollie starts by denying it was him. Well, yeah, Ollie.

Ollie then runs down a couple of other archers who maybe could've done it, in terms of pure archery--Speedy, the late Blue Bowman--before the rainbow flash comes up again. Oh, yeah: maybe the Rainbow Archer, then.

Man, those Robin-booties are not helping. Looking him up, he was a former counterfeiter who turned to archery to try and get revenge on Green Arrow; and now he's color-coordinating his murder weapons. That seems like a bad idea from a legal standpoint...From World's Finest #244, "Rainbows of Doom" Written by Jack C. Harris, art by Mike Nasser and Terry Austin.


Dale Bagwell said...

Man, what the hell were they thinking back then with that name and outfit.
You've just given me a future inductee to the hall of shame in my feature, "What The Fuck Were They Thinking?"

Counterfeting huh? So he stole Ollie's van dyke beard too?

I'm sure he could be re-introduced into the modern era DCU, with some proper adjustments, but damn...

SallyP said...

Man... that is one seriously dreadful outfit.

Staci said...

That's not what ollie looks like and you know it!