Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As per usual, our heroes have made absolutely no forward progress. This is somewhat intentional, since there are tons of games where you have to keep going back to a central location like the Meegan station.

And the sickbay is a pretty traditional set in sci-fi TV; unfortunately here it's one Deadpool has devoted absolutely no thought to.


Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah no kidding man. No offense, but this thing has the same progression rate as your typical weekly soap opera, just without the funny dialogue...and Kurt and 'Pool.

That being said, I trust you, and I'm sure you have a definitive ending in mind.

What's funny is how oblivious and naive to the struggles of people that don't have healing factors, as is the case with poor Kurt.

Nice cliffhanger though.
I just hope curing Kurt doesn't involve anal probes.
'Cause by the looks of that alien's fingers........ouch!

SallyP said...

Wait...OTHER people might get sick?