Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Kurt was going to bring up the rising tensions between humans, mutants, and Inhumans; but this storyline started so long ago I'm not sure the Inhumans had any trouble by that point! Fortunately, there's still plenty of jerks on earth. Wait, that's no good! Still, Professor X probably has at least one class in the curriculum for speeches regarding tolerance.

The slices are from the recent Marvel Legends Spider-Man figure, and that Turtles pizza box was an eBay purchase some years back.


Dale Bagwell said...

Sweet pizza box. Yeah things haven't exactly gotten better at all, what the whole inhuman/mutant war, and supposedly the "Death of X" or whatever the fuck that event means this fall. Are they finally putting the x-men on the shelves( which I doubt, but stranger things have happened) or something even more sinister?

SallyP said...

Those pizza slices are amazing! Oh Kurt...I adore your cautious optimism... if you can call it that.