Monday, July 25, 2016

Even though I haven't read a ton of Grimjack comics, I love the concept of Cynosure, the multi-dimensional city touched by every reality. It gives the writer free reign for anything: dimensions of funny animals, dimensions of monsters, dimensions of giant robots, all in today's comic: from 1987, Grimjack #30, "Blood and Duty" Written by John Ostrander, pencils by Doug Rice, inks by "Screamin' Demons."

This issue touches on a plot point from Dynamo Joe: before the giant robot battlesuits were ready to face the invading Mellenares, other-dimensional mercenaries like Grimjack and his pal Blacjac had been used to fill in the gap. It had also been kept a secret, possibly because the rank-and-file soldier may not have been ready for that kind of knowledge; but when a borrowed warp-drive unit sends the battlesuit Dynamo Joe to Cynosure, Grimjack recognizes it.

Grimjack gets aboard the suit, which landed in a dimension where "high-grade tech acquires low-level sentience," and had been going a little nuts. With some help from Joe's pilots Daro and Pomru, Grimjack is able to get the mech back where it belongs, with the extorted promise to not tell anyone about any of it.

Also this issue: funny animal adventure with "Gwimbear"! Punched into another dimension several issues back, Lord Phaeton has been waiting for a chance for revenge against Grimjack, which may be coming...This issue was featured in a house ad for First Comics, but I only got it recently.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Sounds like a writers' dream having a dimension like that with any creature being available to use. Kinda' how it should be for all comics really.