Friday, July 29, 2016

Like a lot of superhero suits, it kinda does look better on a woman.

The armored hero Hardware presumably still exists in DC's New 52 continuity, even if like Static he hasn't been seen for a while. But I have to wonder if his occasional opponent Technique does as well. From 1996, Hardware #39, "Fighting Technique" Written by Jacqueline Ching, pencils by Prentis Rollins, inks by Ande Parks and Mike Decarlo. (Huh, Milestone may have had more female writers at the time than Marvel!)

When Hardware's alter-ego Curtis Metcalf still worked for the corrupt Edwin Alva, he was put on an anti-Hardware project with another brilliant scientist, Tiffany Evans. Although Metcalf dragged his feet, if not outright sabotaged the project; Evans was still able to create the Technique armor, and beat Hardware's ass at least once. Months later, with Metcalf and Alva's daughter Sabrina involved in a battle for the company, Evans confronts Metcalf about his secret identity. In the best superhero tradition, Metcalf denies everything. Sabrina may not have actually known Metcalf was Hardware, but had wound Evans up to attack Metcalf; just happening to be right!

Sabrina plays another card, with a learning algorithm drone, set to destroy all the contested holdings, unless Metcalf gives up his claim. Realizing she's been played, Technique helps Hardware stop the drone, and Hardware asks if they can begin again. But Sabrina is not ready to give up her fight yet...

I feel like I've said this a dozen times on this blog, but man, DC needs to just get all their old Milestone stuff out there on the cheap. Put it in people's hands and get them back on it. By the way, I love this issue's cover by Prentis Rollins, although the detail on Technique's shoulder pads looks like it would be a pain to draw regularly.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Agreed. Especially since I thought they were supposed to be relaunching Milestone, so yeah, why not just put out a couple of big trades collecting the essential stories from their line?