Monday, September 05, 2016

Can't sleep, so we're blogging a random issue of Thunderbolts...because that seems to be how I read that title. From 2010, Thunderbolts #148, "Lightning in Shadows" Written by Jeff Parker, art by Declan Shalvey.

This issue was part of the Shadowland crossover, which involved Daredevil becoming the leader of the evil ninja clan the Hand. I have not read a bit of it; it was wrapping up that stint of the title before Mark Waid took over, and he doesn't appear this issue. DD may have thought he could control the Hand and use it for good; not unlike what the government and Luke Cage were trying to do with the super-villains in the Thunderbolts. Still, the ninja situation is getting out of hand in the streets of New York, so Luke calls an audible and sets the team on them, without any permission or sanction. Or leadership, since he has to appear elsewhere in the crossover "to help the others turn Daredevil around," so Fixer and Songbird are left to ride herd on Moonstone, Ghost, Juggernaut, and Crossbones.

Moonstone points out that Cage is using the team not unlike the way Norman Osborn had; but Crossbones seems just as happy to be able to kill some ninjas, since technically most of them were already dead. Can't use excessive force on a corpse, I suppose...the team should be able to take them down simply enough, but some of the ninjas...combine? Form Voltron? Something, and knock Juggernaut off his feet. Then, when Fixer and Songbird go down, Moonstone cheerfully realizes the team is without their handlers...

Hmm, I know I have the 150th issue somewhere (which includes a reprint of the classic Thunderbolts #1) but I don't think I have the next one. I do believe a roster shake-up was impending, though.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Don't get the purpose of Parker's probably mandated rip off of the Suicide Squad, but with a lighter touch. Your thoughts on this run and concept? Did it work for you?