Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Wrapping up the Vance Astro strips today, the other inspiration for them (besides TNG's "Conundrum") was Dr. Who's Genesis of the Daleks. It wasn't the first episodes I saw of it, but pretty close, and probably the first serial I saw at least most of the episodes of. The Doctor (fourth Doctor Tom Baker, very probably best one ever) agonizes whether he has the right to wipe out the Daleks. It would be genocide, but the Daleks are warmongering monsters that would go on to kill billions; wouldn't it be worse to not destroy them? But would doing so guarantee a better future? (The Doctor notes that worlds that might have otherwise fought each other banded together against the Daleks.) Siskoid has some great posts on it, check it out.

And DDT does cause eggshell thinning, although I suspect Amy wouldn't stoop to using that. Well, maybe. It was that or dump weasels all over the planet, and that seemed too cruel. To the weasels, I mean.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

To the weasels indeed ha ha.
Yeah I see the moral dilemma, and I myself would probably likewise struggle over it, but I'd have to go with taking them out anyways in the end. Of course, there really is no telling how the future would look afterwards, and since nature abhors a vacuum, you can be sure that there would be another evil-ass race of alien scum to replace them and do the same thing the Baddoon did and is doing.

Quick edit, Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor, not the 5th, and in the end, I guess he made the only decision someone of his moral fiber could've made.

But yeah, things did NOT turn out the way poor Astro wanted, even though he was warned plenty of his plan biting him in the ass. Looks like it sure as shit did. Ultrons too? Damn, good luck with that Vance.

SallyP said...

And THIS, boys and girls, is why messing with the time/space continuum and all that stuff is always a terrible idea.