Friday, December 28, 2018

"The End" Week: Deadpool Team-Up #883!

Look, I love Marvel, but they've never had a good idea that they couldn't overuse to death. A character becomes popular? Why, have them guest-star everywhere! And give them another title! Hell, give 'em two! Then act surprised when they're completely played out within a year. From 2011, Deadpool Team-Up #883, written by Skottie Young, art by Ramon Perez.

Yeah, Deadpool had at least three titles going then: original flavor, then during Daniel Way's run; the moderately-enjoyable if Liefeld-tinged Deadpool Corps, and Deadpool Team-Up. I don't know if it was supposed to, but I don't think the latter had a regular creative team, which may have contributed to its wild unevenness. Some issues seemed to be fairly straight team-ups not unlike the ones Spidey used to have, others were more off the wall; and as is sometimes the case for Deadpool, sometimes the jokes landed, sometimes they really, really didn't. This issue...well...

Broke again, Deadpool takes a new job, as Herald of Galactus. The Silver Surfer shows up to stop him. Hilarity...strongly fails to ensue. It sets up a bit of a shaggy dog punchline; but the only bit I liked was Deadpool cold-calling for work and the Kingpin telling him "Yes, I am very happy with my current assassination provider." The variant cover, with "Deadpool Team's-Up with unemployment," is good; but they used the same cover for Deadpool Corps #12. In fact, they may have mixed them up, since on the DTU finale he's holding Corps covers, and vice versa.

If you do find them: the Satana team-up was good; Thor's has its moments, and I think the Watcher, Thing, Machine Man, and U.S.1 issues have at least some jokes. I do need to dig out the Hellcow one, though. Seriously, that's the one to find. And things probably turned out OK for Deadpool, I couldn't tell you how many books he has out now.

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Dale Bagwell said...

That Heralds anonymous meeting at the end is admittedly pretty clever though.