Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"The End" Week: Extraordinary X-Men #20!

I do sympathize with Marvel on this one: I too have no idea what X-Men fans really want anymore. X-Men Gold just wrapped, after 36 issues that were by design very much in the Claremont mold. It's too soon to say if X-Men Disassembled is going to be a runaway hit, but it has at least one thing going for it: it doesn't have to push the Inhumans, like this series had to: from 2017, Extraordinary X-Men #20, written by Jeff Lemire, art by Victor Ibañez.

I think a lot of titles do this, but I'm using this and Amazing X-Men as an example: the series starts with all the hype for a big artist (in Amazing's case, Ed McGuinness) who's only going to stay maybe six issues. Extraordinary started with Humberto Ramos art, but Ibañez filled in for #6-7, then was the regular artist by #13. Ibañez may not have been helped out by being left with Ramos's redesigns, either. This particular issue was coming after three issues of Inhumans vs. X-Men, which wrapped up the Terrigan poisoning mutants plotline. Now the mutants can leave limbo and go home, so this was closing up shop. It would also be the end of (young) Jean Grey's stint with this line-up; when Gold began it was Kitty Pryde in charge. (Feels like they've really been back-seating Storm the last few years.)

This series ends with Iceman suggesting a softball game, which...did he ever get to play those, traditionally? Well, maybe he wanted in.

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