Monday, June 05, 2023

Sort-of local sort-of chain outlet EntertainMart usually has a sale every holiday, which means I usually make a trip to pick up fifty-cent comics. Unfortunately, I had picked the bin pretty clean, so this last batch wasn't a bumper crop, but we got another copy of this one, which might mean I have a controlling interest of its print run...From 2014, Revolutionary War: Death's Head II, "Synchronicity II" Written by Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill, art by Nick Roche, color art by Veronica Gandini.
We saw the first chapter of this event some time back, and I'm mildly surprised I didn't get to the Dark Angel issue--I just think she's neat. We previously saw Death's Head II knock out Captain Britain, and here the mechanoid delivers him to Mys-Tech: he feels kind of bad about this one, which is why the prices have gone up. Of course, Mys-Tech double-crosses him, and as he gets swamped with "psycho-wraiths," he sends a signal for help, to the far future and his sidekick Tuck, who brings in...the original Death's Head, yes?
The Mys-Tech big bad, who may or may not be anybody we know, had made a deal with cyberneticist/moral black hole Dr. Necker, to use DH II's tech to make their own robots. Death's Head II recaps his history, which includes the future Dr. Necker (from 2020!) who created the Minion robot that would become DH II. Maybe, if Tuck and DH-OG don't kill her.
Death's Head seemingly kills his future self, but it just rebooted him free of Necker's control. Still, after several pages of fighting, Necker ends up with the original as her prisoner; leaving Death's Head II forced to team up with Britain's other heroes against Mys-Tech. (He does try to play it off to Tuck as they needed to get a man inside; but Tuck points out usually you tell the inside man he's going in...) 

I still don't love Death's Head II, but this is shades of something like the Three Doctors. I think there was a Death's Head III, but I'm not sure that one stuck. Still, maybe he'll "regenerate" again...

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

You know, I can definitely seeing the 1st Doctor really thinking that about his newer selves. I wonder if that's how some others, both fans & writers thought as well about them.

Still disappointed we still haven't gotten the original Death's Head in 6 inch scale yet. Wonder what's the hold up w/ Hasbro.