Thursday, March 28, 2024

More of this sounds dirtier than anything actually there...I think.

I keep grabbing random issues of Marvel Comics Presents from the quarter bins, and we saw the previous issue a couple years back, but I read the series for quite a while: I know I read all through the Black Panther serial, and that was like 25 parts? (It ended with MCP #37; and I would've kept going for the Excalibur serial, which...enh.) Picking this up, I almost thought I messed up the numbering, though. From 1993, Marvel Comics Presents #133.
In "Alone Against the Coven," a vacation isn't in the cards for Wolverine, as the Coven plans on sacrificing him to maybe bring an age of enlightenment. Or darkness. Maybe enlightened darkness? Vex, Satyr, and Fetish don't give Wolvie too much trouble, but Blood Shadow puts him down for the count; and he wakes up, manacled to a recurring foe in that book: Cyber! (Written by Dan Slott, art by Steve Lightle.) I don't know if I've ever known Cyber's origin, or if he was ever given much more characterization than "dick who's pretty cocky Wolverine can't immediately kill him."
The previous issue featured the conclusion of an Iron Fist serial, so I wasn't expecting to see another one start for him here! He's not on top of his game, but manages to step it up after his recent return from the dead. Still, coming up, a rematch with Sabretooth! Who didn't seem as ridiculously swole as he would usually be around then, this was after Jim Lee redesigned him. ("Depths of Despair, part 1 of 4: Opening Gambit" Written by Tony Matias, pencils by Fred Haynes, inks by Jeff Albrecht.)
Ghost Rider and Cage would probably agree, they don't seem like a good match; but their serial continues with "Heart and Soul, part 3 of 6: Emotional Rescue" Written by Karl Bollers, pencils by Freddy Mendez, inks by Malcolm Jones. The killer Darklove is seemingly in both of their heads; with Ghost Rider seemingly unable to change back into Danny Ketch. There's also an odd sequence where Cage is talking to the press, and a guy shoots him; seemingly just another excuse for his shirt to get shredded. Did I miss a lot in the one chapter of this I haven't read?
Lastly, it's Cloak & Dagger vs. a vampire, in "Nocturnal Cravings" (Written by Chuck Kim, pencils by Walter McDaniels, inks by Greg Adams.) The vampire pushes Cloak too far, to the point that Dagger has to defend her...why, though? She gets him to leave her to Doctor Strange--yeah, 'cause he'd done a bang-up job there--and as usual, Cloak wonders if he might go bad.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I see Walter was clearly inspired by the Rogue/Dat Ass meme for that gratuitous ass shot of Ms. Vampire, lol.

Was Cage attempting to make a funny, or was he being serious when he asked GR of all people if he liked soul food? The world may never know.

I think eventually revealed Cyber's origin, but I'll have to go wiki it because I don't remember it offhand. I had the issues where Logan fought Cyber after he dumped him into that huge vat of hallucinogens, making him trip BALLS in the process. Not sure if he's back, but last I remember Genesis (Cable's grown son Tyler) killed him & stripped his bones to bond back onto Logan, but Logan rejected the bonding process, killing Genesis in the process. This all happened in Wolverine #100 (vol.1) btw.

CalvinPitt said...

Mr. Morbid, I had a similar thought about that butt shot in the Cloak & Dagger page. Frank Cho no doubt approves.

I feel as though Cyber popped up in Daniel Way's Wolverine Origins series, maybe hanging out with Daken, not long after Daken was introduced? For some reason, I feel like he might have popped up in some of the Krakoa-era stuff, either Wolverine or X-Force, but I'm less sure of that.

Mr. Morbid said...

Not sure if he’s popped up since during the Krakoa era, but he did impersonate Hornet from that outcast team of misfit heroes who all used variations of alt identities Spidey used briefly in the late ‘90s. Slingers?