Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fantastic Fill-In
This whole sequence is based on a throwaway comment by Chris Sims (of Invincible Super-Blog fame) on the upcoming Mark Millar/Bryan Hitch Fantastic Four, to the effect of "for Fantastic Four to be Marvel’s flagship title, it really oughtta be on the stands more than three times a year." While I agree, I'm probably even less hopeful for the best than he is, especially since I dropped eight bucks on the last two issues of the Unfunnies, at a rate of about $2.16 per minute of reading them.

Anyway, I took the whole thing as Ben and Johnny are gonna have a lot of free time on their hands...

I think I've made Johnny a hair dumber than usual.  Or is that more dumb?  I never remember.
In his head, Ben has an entire fantasy draft of FF replacements.  He's not going to get stuck with the wrestler Ms. Marvel and Crystal again.
Seriously, if FF runs late, and a Franklin special and Power Pack appearance coincide, he could have more comics out than them.
And Spidey and Power Pack laughed and laughed...
Was Namorita the Torch's last girlfriend to last more than an issue?
Still, all sarcasm aside, here's hoping it's good. And there is something to be said for not having the same rotation of villains all the time. We'll see.


SallyP said...

Ah, the heck with the book, Googam. Yours are funnier anyway!

Bret said...

Semi off topic I honestly don't know why, but, in Power Pack I like Jack best, and dislike Alex, but in Fantastic Four, I dislike Johnny, but Reed's my favorite. I have no idea why.

Also, who'd be Ben's fantasy draft anyway?