Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day, Stuck Day
Sorry for the full page scan on this one, but my scanner wasn't cooperating.
Only another few inches of snow today, but it was enough that I wasn't able to get either car out for a while. I usually drive my wife's Avenger, which is a bit better of an engine than I'm used to, and it's able to power it's way out of most spots; but I'm not used to driving like that, either. Anyway, I made it to work...eventually, then the Wife and the Kids and I had some fun in the snow this afternoon. Not a bad day, all told.

I had another comic in mind when I went down today, but this one's better: from the classic What If? #39, "What If Thor of Asgard had met Conan the Barbarian?" Written by Alan Zelenetz, pencils by Ron Wilson, inks by Danny Bulanadi. Probably the perfect comic for a twelve-year-old, I'm not sure where I got this issue, since I know I read another kid's copy after school first. Mine's pretty banged up, but still a favorite.

There were two or three--yeah, three, I'm just missing one--old What If? stories with Conan, including another great one where he fights Captain America. Years later, in the second series, there was a nowhere-near-as-good one with Conan versus Wolverine. Actually, it's just bad: everyone acts stupid as needed to move the plot forward, and Wolverine's crush on Jean Grey transfers over just fine to Red Sonja, which seems kind of trashy.

Is more snow coming? Damned if I know. I don't have a trick knee that acts up or anything. But more Snow Day Week tomorrow!

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