Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day
Not to scale. Or maybe it is, I don't know...
...for everyone except me, that is: schools and city hall closed, and my work decides to stay open. That's fair enough, considering we work across other time zones that probably don't have an extra foot or two of snow on the ground; except after the tedious drive in (after a lot of window scraping) the systems were down for a good chunk of the day.

So, there was overtime after my regular shift, and I stayed for an extra couple hours. The last hour of which, I did almost nothing, but between the snow shovelling, sickness, and running around getting dinner and everything, I'm just beat now.

Still, I feel like I've been dogging it lately, so for the rest of this week, a little blogging challenge to myself: every day, we'll run down to the basement, and pull a random comic with snow in it: snow falling, snowball fights, snow on the ground, one of about a dozen issues with the Casket of Ancient Winters, whatever I can find.

Yes, whenever I make a substantial archeological find, my first impulse...
Our first entrant: Avengers #187, "The Call of the Mountain Thing!" Plot by Mark Gruenwald and Steven Grant, written by David Michelinie, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Dan Green. Abandoning a crashing Quinjet, the Beast then proceeds to crash-land with a rocket-belt borrowed from Wonder Man. (If the Avengers had access to those, why didn't every non-flying member get one? The only explanation is that they had to be murder on the junk, and only Wonder Man was durable enough to stand it.)
is to try it on and tear around.
Beast finds the armor and atomic flying steed of a fallen Knight of Wundegore, and uses both to make a last minute save against the Chthon-possessed Scarlet Witch. The lance and steed I could see using, but I don't know if I'd immediately put on a dead animal-guy's clothes. Well, it does look cold out, so maybe.

Tomorrow: more snow! Probably figuratively and literally.

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SallyP said...

Hey, I've got this! Just proof positive that poor old Wanda was ALWAYS nuts!

Too bad about the snow. It's starting to get a little boring by now, isn't it?